Food Menu

Kóta Riganáti (Oregano Chicken) 10 tickets
Melt-in-your-mouth baked chicken delicately flavored with
oregano, lemon and spices. Served with festival rice and salad.

Psitó Arní (Roast Lamb on the Spit)             13 tickets
Tender leg of lamb cooked over charcoal and served with
festival rice and salad.

Olla Mazí (Combo Plate) 12 tickets
A tall slice each of baked Pastítso (layers of macaroni and
ground beef in a savory Greek tomato sauce topped with luscious
béchamel) and baked Moussaká (Greek-spiced ground beef layered
between thin slices of tender eggplant, potatoes and cheese,
also crowned with béchamel). Served with salad.

Souvláki (Skewered Meat)        7 tickets
Chunks of tender marinated pork (hirinó) or chicken (kóta)
seared over charcoal and served on warm pita bread.
Topped with onion, tomato and fresh tzatzíki sauce.

Gyros           7 tickets
Sizzling slices of the famous beef and lamb combination
on fresh pita bread. Topped with chopped onion, tomato
and delicious tzatzíki sauce.

Lamb Slider (New!)

Loukániko (Festival Sausage)            7 tickets
Delicious blend of pork, orange zest and savory spices grilled
and sprinkled with lemon juice. Served on fresh pita bread
layered with caramelized onions.

Megáli Saláta (Large Salad)             8 tickets
A tantalizing vegetarian combination of crisp lettuce, tomatoes,
olives, pepperoncini, and feta cheese. Topped with Greek dressing.
Served with spanakópita, meatless dolmádes and pita bread.

Saláta (Side Salad)     4 tickets

Spanakópita     4 tickets
Spinach, cheese and selected herbs rolled in filo.

Patátes (Potatoes)      4 tickets
Slow-baked oven potatoes with Greek spices.

Piláfi (Rice pilaf)             3 tickets
Our famous Festival rice.

Dolmádes (5)    4 tickets
Grape leaves stuffed with rice and subtle spices.

Feta Cheese     1 ticket
Pepperoncini (6)                1 ticket
Kalamáta Olives (6)     1 ticket

Coffee House Menu

Loukoumádes     5 tickets
Bite-size balls of dough cooked and drizzled with honey and cinnamon.

Baklavá         2 tickets
Walnuts, filo, honeyed syrup.

Paximádi        1 ticket
Chocolate-dipped almond cookie.

Bougátza        4 tickets
Rich custard filling between layers of baked filo pastry.

Kafé Frappé     4 tickets
Iced coffee with whipped cream.

Greek Coffee    3 tickets
Regular/Decaf Coffee    2 tickets

Baklavá Sundae  5 tickets
Vanilla ice cream and Baklavá pieces.


Beer                    4 tickets
Greek Beer              5 tickets
Wine                    5 tickets
Ouzo                    7 tickets
Soft Drinks             2 tickets
Bottled Water   2 tickets


This most popular Greek dessert is baked with layers of walnuts, butter, filo, cinnamon and clove, then laced with lemon-orange honeyed syrup.
2 piece package 4 tickets
4 piece package 8 tickets
8 piece package 15 tickets
1 piece         2 tickets

Chocolate Baklavá
The original plus velvety chocolate.
1 piece         2 tickets

Melt-in-your-mouth butter and almond cookies covered in powdered sugar.
3 piece package 5 tickets
6 piece package 10 tickets

Crunchy twice-baked almond cookies.
12 piece package        6 tickets

Chocolate Paximádi
The original plus velvety chocolate.
1 piece 1 ticket

Heavenly butter cookie twists.
12 piece package                6 tickets

Moist semolina cake flavored with coconut and sweetened with lemon-infused syrup.
1 piece 2 tickets

Moist cinnamon-spiced cookie laced with honeyed syrup.
1 piece 2 tickets

Gliká Combo
Baklavá, Kourambiédes and Pasta Flora (delicious fruit filling in delicate butter pastry) together in one box.
3 piece package 5 tickets
6 piece package 10 tickets
12 piece package        20 tickets

Try this lightly sweetened bread by itself or toasted with butter.
1 loaf          6 tickets