Dance has played an important role in the life of Greeks all through their history.
In ancient Greek societies dance was held in high regard. In fact, in his writings, Plato expresses his belief in the virtue of dancing by saying that a man who cannot dance is uneducated and unrefined. In Byzantine times, the Greek people danced in personal or public feasts associated around religious holidays. During 400 years of Ottoman occupation, the Hellenes continued the tradition of dance, even developing new dances praising the heroism of resistance fighters and their desire for independence and freedom.

In Greece today, and in Greek communities all over the world, traditional dances are still performed. Some dances are considered pan-Hellenic, such as the Kalamatianos (a 12-step dance that is traditionally the first danced by a bride and groom) and the Tsamikos (an intricate dance usually only performed by men), and are known among all Greek communities. In addition, each region in Greece has preserved its own dances, which are performed at local feasts.

Some of these local dances are at risk of becoming forgotten. Fortunately there are systematic efforts by local dance groups like our own to encourage older dancers to pass their talents and knowledge to the next generation. During Grecian Festival, the St. George groups will perform dances from various regions of Greece, from the mountains of Epirus to the shores of the Dodecanese Islands.

Interested in having a St. George Dance Group perform at your school or party?
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Dancer’s Schedule

Friday, Oct. 3

5:30    Kefi
6:00    Aegean Sounds
6:00    Morakia/Levendakia In the Taverna
7:00    Asteria
7:30    Dance Lessons In the Taverna
8:00    Agean Sounds
8:45    Palamakia
9:30    Aegean Sounds

Saturday, Oct. 4
11:30   Morakia/Levendakia In the Taverna
12:00   Kefi
12:30   Aegean Sounds
1:15    Asteria
1:45    Aegean Sounds
2:30    Palamakia
3:00    Morakia/Levendakia In the Taverna
3:00    Dance Lessons In the Taverna
3:30    Kefi
4:00    Asteria
4:30    Palamakia
5:00    Dance Lessons In the Taverna
5:30    Kefi
6:00    Aegean Sounds
7:00    Asteria
7:30    Dance Lessons
8:00    Aegean Sounds
8:45    Palamakia
9:30    Aegean Sounds

Sunday, Oct. 5
12:00   Aegean Sounds
12:30   Morakia/Levendakia In the Taverna
1:00    Kefi
1:30    Aegean Sounds
2:30    Asteria
3:00    Dance Lessons In the Taverna
3:00    Aegean Sounds
4:00    Palamakia