Free cooking classes and Greek language classes will be provided at the Albuquerque Grecian Festival.

Cooking Lessons

Learn how to prepare delicious and authentic Greek cuisine.
Lessons are held in the Taverna.

Friday, Oct. 3 
5:00    Mezedákia (An assortment of appetizers)

Saturday, Oct. 4
1:30    Gigándes Plakí (Baked lima beans–vegetarian)
4:00    Baklavá
6:30    Kóta Riganáti (Oregano chicken) and Horiátiki Saláta (Village salad)

Sunday, Oct. 6
1:30    Galaktoboúreko (Custard-filled filo pastry)

Language Lessons

Learn how to speak Greek from the pros! In the Taverna.
Friday, Oct. 5
Saturday, Oct. 6
Sunday, Oct. 7

Common phrases in Greek
Hello   Hé-re-te
Good morning    Ka-lee-mé-ra
Good evening    Ka-lee-spé-ra
Good night      Ka-lee-née-hta
How are you?    Pos-ís-te?
Fine    Ka-lá
Please  Se-pa-ra-ka-ló
Thank you       Ef-ha-ree-stó
You’re welcome  Pa-ra-ka-ló
Yes     Má-lee-sta
No      O-hee
Excuse me       Sig-nó-mee
I understand    Ka-ta-la-vé-no
What is this?   Tee-ée-ne-af-tó?
How much is it? Po-so-ká-nee?
Come here       El-a-e-thó
Goodbye Yá-sas